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Amtek Ltd. is a Nova Scotia based electrical contractor and leader in developing, building, and installing automation control systems for industry.

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Our Work

Amtek Ltd. is industry renowned for project management, execution, and design skills. With customer focused electrical service teams, Amtek Ltd. electricians offer expertise including Design, Programming, Procurement, Assembly, Testing, Certification, Commissioning, Documentation, Power Factor Correction Surveys, CSA, .as well as a wide range of commercial and industrial installation applications. Our products are second to none for quality. Our products and systems are designed and assembled by licensed trades people to meet CSA highest requirements. Our products include: Motor Control Panels, Motor Starters, PLC Panels, Operator Consoles, Protective Relay Panels, Softstart Controllers, Power Factor Systems, Custom Products, Pre-engineered Products, RTU Panels, Pneumatic Panels & Skids, Gas & Fire Detection Panels. Amtek Ltd. serves the entire province of Nova Scotia and beyond including New Brunswick, and PEI.